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Top 10 Memes of the 2021 Formula 1 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix

What can we say about this that hasn’t already been said? Not a lot.

So we won’t. To try and make this regular feature a slightly safer haven from the silliness spouting from the mouths of some corners of the internet, we’ll see what memes we could find out there. Take a look.


Posted on Reddit by KarnaF1

9 years later and Alonso still loses out in F1 to Vettel at the final race of the season.

Granted it was for the highest number of overtakes rather than the highest number of world championship points, but that’s beside the point.



Posted on Reddit by Mako3232

That camera move has cropped up in a number of pitstops this season, but to this day we can’t work out why they decide to include it.

Potentially it’s a cheap, contrived attempt at increasing the show?


Posted on Reddit by MarinZG060

Given that Kimi has never been one for the spotlight of Formula 1, particularly when there’s not a prize he cares about at the end of it, perhaps it’s no surprise the Iceman retired halfway through the race when he was sure to get driver of the day.

Whether or not that was the case on Sunday we’ll never know, but either way it was sad to see Raikkonen leave without a last hurrah.


Posted on Reddit by CHarlieUhUh

The way F1 has run this season has seemed like the natural conclusion of the increased sensationalism of the sport since F1 and Netflix enacted their current partnership.

Concerns are now being raised over whether that’s necessarily a benefit to the sport but one thing is for certain. Drive to Survive will have plenty of material to work with come March.



Posted on Reddit by JuanFF8

The biggest target of the ire throughout the season, but particularly THAT last lap, was Michael Masi, the race director.

Personally, I’d like to make it clear I understand that the Race Director’s job is not easy, particularly with screaming from two team principles coming at you.

That being said, the disregard of the procedures set by the FIA themselves could be seen as a dangerous precedent where no rule is safe from the race director’s discretion. As with all the controversial decisions this season, that needs changing as soon as possible.


Posted on Reddit by JamesIcarus

Tension was high over the weekend. In the teams you say?

Sure, I guess, they’re going for a record-breaking world championship each.

Toto Wolff’s table though? It must have felt as worn out as Lewis Hamilton’s tyres at the end of the race after the torture it endured all season.


Posted on Reddit by kibollp

The way the FIA have investigated potential wrongdoing by one of their own appointees could be seen as incredibly shady. This feeling is exacerbated when you think the FIA has a vested interest in finding them and their representatives innocent.

We’ll not be explaining the story as there are many articles which do that better, and this is meant to be a lighter look at this weekend’s action, so much as we can take one.



Posted on Reddit by mdstwsp

The online discourse has been incredibly toxic through the yeah with every twist and turn taking the situation ever closer to devolving into outright mud-slinging.

You’ll notice a conspicuous lack of comment on the actual events that unfolded during the grand prix, and that’s deliberate.

Neither driver deserved to lose this world championship in our opinion. The contest between the two drivers has driven both their levels to unprecedented levels, as it always does and should for that matter when the title is this close.

There are concerns that should be allowed their time in the sun as we re-evaluate, as we periodically should, whether the rules are fit for purpose.


Posted on Reddit by EnvironmentalStop412

George Russell looks to be a star in the making as Max Verstappen was for Red Bull while at Toro Rosso all those years ago.

Not only is he fast on track and an excellent team player, but his PowerPoint skills rival even Apple in a tech keynote.

Mercedes brought their legal counsel to Abu Dhabi, in a move ridiculed by some, but what could they do? He was driving for Williams!


Posted on Reddit by pyattii

Lastly, and it’s a great shame to say that as I’ve had a blast making these meme reviews all season. And what a wonderful, intriguing, sometimes controversial and always entertaining season it was, right until the last 30 seconds.

Given that the gap between the two rivals was under 12 seconds across 22 races and over 3800 miles that’s akin to the Le Mans 2011 finish in both distance and gap between the leaders.

That race was what this race has been. A classic, one for the ages, and a tough act to follow.

Your move F1 2022.

So that’s it. F1 2021 (almost) in the books. Please do check out our previous meme round-ups over the off season, and also keep up with our Formula 1 coverage over the off-season before we see you all again in March to do this all over again.

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Top 10 Memes of the 2021 Formula 1 Saudi Arabian Grand Prix

It couldn’t have finished any other way, could it? 21 races down, 1 to go and Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen are neck and neck on points after a highly controversial Saudi Arabian Grand Prix.

We’ll not say too much about what happened, that’s already been said in about a million different ways by a million different people and I’ll not be saying too much on that beyond when it comes into the memes. That said, let’s get into them.


Posted on Reddit by muhreddistaccounts

This is probably a factor most people have forgotten (We’re not blaming you if you did, there was about 1000 years of red flag time), but Verstappen’s medium tyres were blistered quite severely after only 10 laps.

Add in Hamilton’s pace which Verstappen had to match to have a hope of winning, it was highly probable that Max wouldn’t have held on for the remaining laps even with all the VSC’s.



Posted on Reddit by Mkb_95

Steward’s decision aside, we’ll not be wading into that here, Lewis probably should have taken the place bearing in mind there’s no yellow flags, light boards or notification on his steering wheel.

All that suggests that it’s safe to pass Verstappen, and if he had done at racing speed he’d be well out of DRS range.


Posted on Reddit by chippykay

As a viewer in the UK, the amount of plugging the Sky TV service that happens during the coverage of the races now is pretty intrusive.

It’s unclear to us whether that makes it into the international coverage using Sky commentary but if it does it’s got to be annoying. Back to the meme though, pretty ringing endorsement for Bose quality if the headphones survived that.


Posted on Reddit by BrainJuice_13

It’s almost certain that this kind of thing was happening between the race director and teams before we were privy to it.

In a race full of bad looks however, this wasn’t the image of fair play that F1 needs to have the FIA help portray. It’s a slippery slope between full-on bartering.



Posted on Reddit by Redspirrit

To quote myself during the race in a group chat with other F1 fans “AND WE MISSED THE OVERTAKE”.

As a more seasoned F1 fan, I’m used to watching the gaps on the TV timing tower to see potential overtakes brewing. That doesn’t mean that when the race is completely finished, I don’t want to see the battles play out behind.

Too many times this season have piss-poor decisions be made regarding what to show on-screen and what to leave to a replay.


Posted on Reddit by MioAkiya

Given the damage already sustained by Lewis colliding with Ocon, it’d be fair to say that Hamilton had got off lightly with small endplate damage when the whole structural integrity of the mounting could have been compromised. Whole wings have been lost in less contact.

Add the loss of the full endplate when Max and Lewis collided, and it’s like the Mercedes’ damage was set to cosmetic with how Hamilton was able to continue to fight and pass Verstappen without falling back into the Flying Dutchman.


Posted on Reddit by Lv_Mortarion_vl

Author’s note: I’m not a neutral fan by any stretch of the imagination, but I do try to put aside my personal biases beyond saying things like that I’m disappointed Lewis didn’t finish in Italy for example.

The level of toxicity and animosity that now exists between the fans of particular drivers is reaching unnecessary levels, and it’s not helped by the amount of rivalry that seems to pervade even Red Bull and Mercedes at all levels of the team.

The management of both teams is adding fuel to the fire and going into the final race it’s looking increasingly dicey between every party involved.



Posted on Reddit by Kselli

The amount of sensationalism within the Drive to Survive season has always been suspect, but given how the FIA are seeming to kick the metaphorical hornet’s nest, it’s starting to get silly and honestly quite dangerous.

Liberty Media will be happy with that, but the fans are starting to get tired of it when it’s affecting the integrity of the racing.


Posted on Reddit by beansbrewsbikes

Of all the outcomes that could happen, a good clean fight at the last race that’s a little more sensible than has been the case this year is all we can hope for.

That’s all we have to say about this beyond the fact we don’t think that’ll happen.


Posted on Reddit by Aegon_2108

Right, now we’ve got past the huge gravitational pull of Verstappen vs Hamilton, you’ve got to feel for Ocon, losing out to Bottas at the very last second, within the last 200m. The only small consolation is that the podium will have been mighty tense, and we certainly wouldn’t have wanted to be up there with the two main contenders.

We started to preview this in the Qatar meme review, but it’s only fitting that a phenomenally close, high stakes, narrow margin rivalry and season would come down to the closest championship decider since 1974. We’re equal parts excited and nervous and we hope you’re ready to unpack it all with us next week.

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2021 Saudi Arabian Grand Prix: Hamilton Wins as Title Battle Enters Warfare

After yesterday’s dramatic qualifying session, where Max Verstappen threw away an almost certain pole position lap with a crash at the final corner, the scene was set for a tense penultimate race of this incredible 2021 championship battle.

It was of course his title rival, Lewis Hamilton, who profited to take pole ahead of Mercedes teammate Valtteri Bottas, with Verstappen looking to strike back from third and Charles Leclerc’s Ferrari looking to disrupt the party from a superb fourth.

The Start

After a chaotic Formula 2 sprint race earlier on in the day, where a scary startline crash between Theo Pourchaire and Enzo Fittipaldi led to both drivers visiting hospital and lengthy red flag delays, many were fearful for a chaotic start to the Grand Prix.

Fortunately this start was incident-free as the top four retained their places, despite a strong attack on Leclerc’s fourth place by the Red Bull of Sergio Perez.

The race then settled into a calm early rhythm, the top three nose-to-tail, with Leclerc and Perez battling for fourth well ahead of Lando Norris, best of the rest in sixth.

Hamilton controls the initial race start as Perez and Leclerc fight for fourth (Source: Red Bull Racing)

Early Safety Car Adds Strategy Dilemma

With the race going along quite smoothly, it was inevitable that the already infamous Turn 22 would soon catch a victim and Mick Schumacher’s Haas was the unfortunate culprit on Lap 10.

The two Mercedes, Leclerc and Perez immediately took the chance to pit. However Verstappen’s Red Bull decided to stay out and gain track position, albeit with a pit stop still to make.

Hamilton and Bottas remained P2 and P3 behind the Dutchman after the stops, with Esteban Ocon and Daniel Ricciardo, who also chose not to stop, rounding out the top five. Leclerc was now sixth, ahead of Pierre Gasly (who was yet to pit) and Perez in eighth.

Mick Schumacher thankfully walks away from his scary Turn 22 shunt (Source: Motorsport Images)

Red Flag Adds Controversy

With the barrier repairs taking considerable time, the red flag was displayed by the FIA to allow them to ensure they proceed safely.

However being able to change tyres during a red flag meant that Red Bull’s decision to stay out paid immediate dividends, as Verstappen could now effectively take a “free pit stop” and take the lead.

After the repairs were completed, the newly reformed grid took a new standing start with this time Red Bull ahead of Mercedes.

A restart inevitably meant a chance for Hamilton and Verstappen to go wheel-to-wheel again (Source: Red Bull Racing)

The Start (Part 2)

So on Lap 15, the race effectively started again and would only last a few more corners before chaos reigned again.

Verstappen didn’t get the best launch, allowing Hamilton to get alongside and seemingly ahead into Turn 1, before the Red Bull came in late on the brakes and was squeezed off the track by the Mercedes.

Behind them however, Sergio Perez and Charles Leclerc got together, causing the other Red Bull to spin across the track onto the path of all the oncoming cars. As George Russell’s Williams slowed to avoid the Mexican, Nikita Mazepin came in unsighted and smashed into the back of the Brit, taking them both out of the race.

Then followed the first of several controversial FIA decisions. Verstappen, deemed to have overtaken Hamilton off the track, was then informed by Michael Masi to Red Bull that he must start behind Hamilton at the restart or he will be referred to the stewards.

As Verstappen assumed the lead, chaos reigned behind (Sky Sports F1)

The only problem being, Esteban Ocon’s Alpine had forced itself ahead of Hamilton before the red flag in all the melee! This therefore created a new grid for the third restart of Ocon, Hamilton, Verstappen, Ricciardo, Bottas, Gasly and Leclerc.

Third Time Lucky?

At the third time of asking, the race finally got away properly on Lap 17 and Verstappen made amends for his earlier poor start by launching away from P3 and sending one up the inside of both Ocon and Hamilton to lead the race.

Hamilton soon flew past Ocon when the cars came back down the pit straight to take P2, with Ocon, Ricciardo and Bottas making up the top five.

Gasly was now sixth, with Antonio Giovinazzi and Sebastian Vettel doing a great job in seventh and eighth, Yuki Tsunoda and Leclerc the remaining points scorers.

However on Lap 23, this changed again as Tsunoda and Vettel made contact through Turn 2, sending the Aston Martin into a spin and Tsunoda with a broken front wing. As this went on, the two Ferraris went side-by-side into Turn 1, with Sainz getting ahead of Leclerc for now P8.

AlphaTauri set to work on Yuki Tsunoda’s front wing after him and Sebastian Vettel came to blows (Source: AlphaTauri)

The Virtual Safety Car was deployed to clear the mess as the race then entered its second half.

The Title Duel Is On

Vettel’s eventful race continued on Lap 27 as a feisty Kimi Raikkonen attempted to fight him round the outside leading to more contact and more debris strewn across the track.

This inevitably led to another Virtual Safety Car, which continued to neutralise the duel between Hamilton and Verstappen at the front. This period in fact lasted several laps, as the marshals attempted a full clean-up of the track from all the various incidents throughout the race.

Finally on Lap 33 the race resumed, crucially giving Verstappen a few extra laps of life for his medium tyres compared to Hamilton’s hards.

This lasted precisely 3 laps before another piece of Aston Martin landed on the track and led to a brief further Virtual Safety Car interruption.

Vettel’s second incident came as Kimi Raikkonen attempted to force his car around the outside, leading to contact (Source: F1)

As the green flags came back out, Hamilton was right on the back of Verstappen. This allowed Lewis to get a run into Turn 1 using DRS and as the two went side-by-side, predictably it ended in contact again.

The Most Dramatic Collision of All?

Then came the most confusing and bizarre few laps of the entire season. Verstappen was instructed by the FIA to let Hamilton pass, adjudged to have forced the Mercedes off the track.

Verstappen seemed to oblige, and slowed considerably to let Hamilton through. However, the Mercedes driver was clearly not informed of the situation and confused, stayed behind the Dutchman until he slowed so much that they collided, damaging both Hamilton’s front wing and the rear of the Red Bull.

Verstappen scampered away ahead, however soon slowed again to let the Brit pass into the final Turn 27. He let him through before immediately repassing going onto the main straight, quite cheekily.

However at this point, Verstappen then received a 5-second penalty, although before he got the message to confirm that, he let Hamilton past for good to finally assume the lead in a crazy sequence.

All Tied Into Abu Dhabi

At this point, the lead battle finally calmed down, with Hamilton cruising home to victory as Verstappen nursed his worn mediums and damaged car to finish P2. With Hamilton getting the extra point for fastest lap, this incredibly puts the two drivers level on points going into the Abu Dhabi season finale.

Behind them, Esteban Ocon was on his way to a brilliant podium, until out of the final corner of the final lap, Bottas used DRS to propel past across the line and crush the Frenchman and Alpine’s hearts to take away P3.

Ocon’s podium dream was cruelly denied at the last as Bottas stole crucial bonus points for Mercedes (Source: F1)

Ricciardo drove a solid, and actually uneventful race home to fifth ahead of Gasly, whilst Leclerc repassed teammate Sainz in the closing laps to claim seventh. Rounding out the top 10 were Giovinazzi in a rare points finish for Alfa Romeo, whilst Lando Norris recovered from earlier drama to take home a single point.

With all that drama, Netflix could probably have made an entire documentary on that one race alone. However, there is still one more race to finally decide the winner of the now-war between Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton.

Final Classification

F1 2021 QATAR GRAND PRIX: Hamilton dominates to pole

The first F1 qualifying in Qatar saw some shocking eliminations early on. It also saw a masterclass performance from Sir Lewis Hamilton, as he beat his championship rival Max Verstappen to pole.


The Haas drivers were the first ones out on track, followed by half of the grid. Most cars opted for the soft tyre compound, though Pierre Gasly used medium tires putting himself 4th on his first try.

The first attempts of Hamilton and Verstappen put the two in a completely different league. Hamilton led by two tenths, but Lando Norris in third was over half a second behind Verstappen. On his second attempt, Valtteri Bottas lifts himself up to first place, three thousandths ahead of Hamilton.

Both Alfa Romeo and Haas drivers struggled on their first attempts, sitting in P17 to P20. Charler Leclerc and Daniel Ricciardo also had a difficult time, only getting up to 12th and 13th respectively. The track was improving towards the end of the session, with Russell putting his Williams to P10 with two minutes to go.

A lot of traffic collected in the final sector, catching out Nicholas Latifi who could not go onto make his final lap.

Hamilton ended Q1 on top, followed by Verstappen and Bottas. The eliminated drivers were Raikkonen, Latifi, Giovinazzi, Schumacher, and Mazepin.


Medium was the tyre of choice for most teams, though AlphaTauri goes out with softs on both cars. Hamilton, Verstappen and Bottas retain their places from A1 on their first attempts, until Gasly took second place.

Perez’s first attempt was a dud, with the Mexican only eighth and almost one second behind Hamilton. The Aston Martin’s and Alpine’s came out on the softs after the other teams finish their attempts. Their speed forces Leclerc and both McLaren’s to change their medium tires to softs.

Perez was also forced to take the soft tyre, as he finds himself on 12th place with 5 minutes to go in Q2.

Leclerc cannot improve enough and is left in P13, with Ricciardo struggling to 14th. The Biggest shock is Perez being eliminated in 11th place. Ferrari’s gamble with putting Sainz on mediums paid of, as the Spaniard qualified for Q3 in 10th place. The Alpines and AlphaTauri flew in Q2 and get both of their cars into Q3.


All drivers headed out straight away after the green light in Q3. The first attempts echo the standings from Q1 and Q2, with Hamilton leading ahead of Verstappen and Bottas with two tenths between all three drivers. Gasly and Alonso complete the top five, all five inside just over four tenths.

Hamilton was the first one out for the final attempts with little over three minutes left on the clock. Mercedes splits their cars a sector apart, quite unusual for the team. Verstappen was the last car to leave the pits.

Hamilton dug out an incredible first sector, beating everyone by three tenths. He finishes his lap with a 1:20.827, over four tenths faster than his previous fastest lap. Gasly’s front wing broke in the last sector, puncturing his tyre and causing short yellow flags. This meant Hamilton took the pole by four and a half tents to Verstappen in P2, followed by Bottas in P3. Gasly and Alonso kept their impressive P4 and P5.

Norris got 6th, followed by his golfing partner Sainz. Tsunoda was an impressive 8th, with Ocon in 9th. Vettel could only manage 10th in his Aston Martin.

Full Classification

via @F1 on Twitter

Chelsea Column: Youth and Shrewd signings key to Blues’ success

Another unbeaten month under Thomas Tuchel and Chelsea top the Premier League table. Things may have not been perfect at Stamford Bridge over the last month, but fate keeps swinging their way.

October was a very busy month for Chelsea. They competed in all competitions and then had an international break to add to matters as well, but it was still a great month for the blues.

No Timo? No Romelu? No Problem.

It wasn’t just Lukaku or Werner who were absent from the team for parts of this month, but many players were forced to miss a few games.

Going into the final games of the month, Mount, Kovacic, and Pulisic were all also ruled out of contention. However, this had no impact on Chelsea’s free flowing style of play.

Actually, not having a recognised striker on the pitch wasn’t too dissimilar than having one on the pitch. Lukaku didn’t get a single goal in October, which was not helped by his absence, but still the Chelsea curse may be getting to him as well.

Werner on the other hand was able to bag himself a goal against Southampton. After that though, he hasn’t done too much before his injury.

The great thing about Chelsea this season is that the squad depth is incredible, and we have some of the best goal scorers all over the pitch so playing without a striker is not the end of the world.

Ben Chilwell and Reece James have been on fire as they have been netting goals left, right and centre this month.

Chilwell’s stunning volley was enough to beat a very tricky Brentford side. He didn’t stop there as he got another goal in Chelsea’s 7-0 thrashing of Norwich.

Mason Mount also stepped up out of the fog to get a hat-trick against Norwich.

Chelsea know no bounds on where goals can come from and currently we still don’t know how long Werner and Lukaku are going to be out. But no matter how long they are out, I’m still confident Chelsea will be able to score goals.

Can we talk about the Chelsea youth system?

I may be going out on a bit of a limb here, but I honestly think the Chelsea youth system (despite it’s many and quite overt flaws) is one of the best in world.

Since Lampard came in two years ago, we have really seen this explosion of incredibly talented youth players come to the forefront of Chelsea’s squad.

Trevor Chalobah, Reece James, Mason Mount, Andreas Christiansen, Callum Hudson-Odoi and Ruben Loftus-Cheek.

Everyone of these players is a product of the Chelsea youth development and are all currently playing regular first team football for Chelsea. I don’t think it would be outrageous to say that if they were all to feature in the starting XI, Chelsea fans would not blink an eye.

Out of all of those players, one is rising to super stardom at the moment and that is Reece James. Despite possibly falling out of favour with Tuchel towards the end of last season, with Azpilicueta favoured on the right, he has come back with a bang.

He scored an audacious chip against Norwich before getting a brace with two thunderous volleys against Newcastle. He was a hero in the EFL cup as he scored the winning penalty against Southampton to send Chelsea to the Quarterfinals.

Not to mention all the clean sheets that Chelsea have kept this month to add to just how good Reece James has been up and down the pitch this month.

But there is one more player I have to give credit to.

From unemployment to hero

Edouard Mendy has been Chelsea’s most important saviour, not just this season, but ever since we signed him at the start of last season.

Mendy has kept nine clean sheets in the 13 games that he has played so far this season and in the other four games, he has conceded only four goals. That’s world class.

In the last month we have seen some particularly great performances from Mendy.

When Chelsea played Brentford, Brentford gave everything they could to try and deny Chelsea three points.

I have to applaud Brentford in that game because they were relentless and were so much fun to watch despite Chelsea being the team they were tearing to shreds at times.

It’s hard to put into words just how good Mendy was that game. He was making incredible saves look easy and when Christian Nordgaard when for an epic overhead kick, Mendy was there to make an equally epic save to deny Brentford in the dying embers.

Before that he made to critical saves to stop Brentford mounting any form of come back. Chelsea owed those three points to Mendy, and no one can argue against it.

Even in games where Chelsea looked to be cruising, occasionally Mendy would be called upon.

During the Norwich game, Rashica was awarded a beautiful opportunity to get a goal back from Norwich, but Mendy was right on it and made a fabulous save to deny what should have been a certain goal.

In games where Chelsea struggle to get goals, it’s going to be these performances from Mendy which could lead Chelsea to the title this season.

10 games played, 3 points clear, but a lot of work still be done

We are only a quarter of the way through the season, and I will admit that I am getting excited at Chelsea’s potential to win the league, but I have to remind myself that this is not going to be easy.

While Chelsea may be three point clear and have already played four of the other five big six teams, there is still potential for Chelsea to slip up.

I was concerned that we did not have a good month in September, and I think I was justified in thinking that.

This month has been better, no doubt, but we have come across opponents that we should be beating comfortably, so the results we have seen over the month should come as no surprise to anyone.

Our position in the league has come from fortunate results in other games. The day Chelsea beat Newcastle, Liverpool drew to Brighton and City lost to Crystal Palace.

Coming up is fairly tough month for Chelsea with Leicester, Burnley, and Manchester united. Teams that may not seem so tough but are always tricky games for Chelsea and can be very unpredictable.

Another international break and a Champions League game against Juventus could make next month difficult for Chelsea.

With the squad depth and the positivity around Chelsea at the moment, I feel as though Chelsea will be prepared for what is to come in November.

Top 10 Memes of the 2021 Formula 1 Russian Grand Prix

Gifted an opportunity that’s notoriously bad for on-track overtakes, Lewis Hamilton looked to completely turn the tables on title rival Verstappen. As F1 re-wrote the script for Sochi, a well earned podium by Red Bull leaves Hamilton in the lead, but not by much, with just 2 points separating the two going into Istanbul.


Posted on Reddit by Tj0ektj0ek

After a frankly underwhelming Qualifying for Hamilton, the champion’s aim for the Russian Grand Prix will have been to score as many un-answered points as possible.

Initially cautious, starting P4 and going backwards, the champ made use of excellent tyre wear and well-timed pitstops to take a well-earned win…with one small problem, Max Verstappen’s podium. The championship battle continues.



Posted on Reddit by Oli258

As we’ve established, Hamilton took the win today, and now we have the horrible job of breaking the news of who it came at the cost of.

While he can only blame himself for the scenario in which it happened, eschewing intermediate tyres that almost immediately became the de-facto compound to use, that will be of little to no comfort to himself and his fans. While his time will come, Norris needs to remove these incidents from his races to stand on the top step.


Posted on Reddit by stephennedumpally

The championship fight between Hamilton and Verstappen is now tight enough with so few races left to l swing the odds in your favour, both teams are now wont to do whatever it takes to try and gain a usable points advantage. This now means sacrificing the second driver in the team if you’re a Mercedes team with a 20 point advantage in the Constructor’s championship. That lead is now extended by another 15 points so expect that to only continue.


Posted on Reddit by eggheadking

The aforementioned strategies only work however, if the second driver is willing to play ball.

As a driver with a seat somewhere else, Bottas has no incentive to do much to help Mercedes’ plans even with a faster car and a predisposition to success at Sochi.



Posted on Reddit by Summerof1974

Normally Sochi is a bland affair with little in the way of excitement or action. This year this was not the case and we almost feel like we’ve been robbed of a “Strike it from the calendar” hit-piece article. Better luck next year.


Posted on Reddit by Lucid_Night

As much as we may grumble about not being able to criticise Sochi, we are glad the race was interesting for once, and hope the same is replicated for years to come.


Posted on Reddit by Oli258

This meme works so well with the driver position tracker and a heartbeat, but the rain added a huge amount of variability and, more importantly, skill to the end of the race.

Teams and drivers having to manage the situation changing by the second as the best tyre type to use ebbed and flowed, finally moving towards the intermediates.



Posted on Reddit by christopher_msa

That wasn’t to say the race was boring otherwise, the rain was more of a cherry on top of a very tasty Grand Prix. A mixed-up grid, free tyre choice for everyone and unseasonably cool weather all culminated in a tension filled race from start to finish.


Posted on Reddit by Ikcatcher

The race did have a more mundane section in the middle, as is to be expected and more importantly, a trait a lot of the good races have.

Azerbaijan 2017 was held up as a shining example of a thrilling race and yet that too had a slower middle section as the pitstops unfolded. What’s important to remember is that the race needs stakes and tension to become a classic.


Posted on Reddit by Unfunny_Gamer

It’s inevitable with the former team-mates battling in the early stages of the race and at other times during the season that there’s going to be some artistic license in DTS’ editing to cultivate drama and a story next spring. Get ready for it, you heard it here first.

With the gap in the championship as narrow as it’s been since Bahrain, Lewis Hamilton will look to replicate his 2020 win, hopefully with more favourable track conditions.

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Leeds United succumb to dominant Liverpool as Salah strikes his 100th league goal!

The mark of any great team is to rise from the depths of ordinary to reach the peaks of sublime.

Well, Liverpool are certainly in the league of the greatest Premier League teams ever, as they rose from a rather ordinary display against Chelsea in the 1-1 draw to a sublime 3-0 whitewash of Leeds United at Elland Road last evening.

A small number of Kopites who made the trip from Liverpool and millions more watching around the world were certainly more than satisfied as the three Reds’ stalwarts in Salah, Fabinho and Mane registered their names on the score sheet.

With this triumph, Liverpool are now unbeaten in their last 11 encounters against Leeds having won 8 and drawn 3 with their last loss coming more than two decades back in April 2001 as the Merseyside Maulers were conquered 2-1 at Anfield on that occasion.

Leeds United with this fourth successive loss since the inception of the season have piled up their most miserable campaign in any top-flight competition since 1958-59. Certainly not a good space to be in if you are a Peacocks’ fan.

So, without further ado lets dissect this rather pleasing performance The Reds showed in a game that also saw a red card:

Centurion Mohamed Salah, the difference maker in the first 45

Marcelo Bielsa’s team started this contest as the more assertive side creating their first opportunity on target in just the 4th minute as Rodrigo blasted a straight attempt at Reds’ keeper Alisson who was equal to the shot.

The visitors came back strong after the initial scare as Jota mounted a chance in the 14th minute when the Portuguese took down a Salah pass with his chest and hooked it on the volley to Leeds’ keeper Meslier who did well to take the sting out of the shot.

The momentum for The Reds would finally result in a hurrah in the 20th minute as the enigmatic Egyptian, Mohamed Salah put the visitors in front with a super strike to reach 100 goals in The Premier League after he was fed with a brilliant pass from Trent Alexander-Arnold.

Credit – Reuters

Liverpool were up by a goal to nil early as the team gathered around the Egyptian to congratulate him on becoming the fifth fastest to reach the century landmark in this competition.

Minutes later Mane had a chance to put the visitors two to the good as his shot went above the post. Liverpool were certainly looking up for this one.

The Reds would continue to dominate the remainder of the first half albeit the second was not to be found much akin to a treasure hunter looking for the elusive treasure only to be disappointed in his excursion at least for the moment.

Fab Fabinho and Majestic Mane seal the deal

As the second 45 began, Liverpool continued their dominance as Mane and Salah both fired their shots wide.

Leeds were lucky not to concede and one could just feel the second goal was around the corner.

Well the goal came in a matter of moments as Fabinho did well to capitalize on a corner from Alexander-Arnold scoring on his second attempt as VAR did check on Sadio Mane being offside albeit the goal was given.

Credit – Official Liverpool FC Twitter Handle

The Brazilian midfielder had his first for The Reds in 15 months.

Seven minutes later Liverpool were dealt with a destructive blow as their teenage sensation Harvey Elliot was tackled rather roughly by Pascal Struijk who saw a red as the Liverpool midfielder was carried off the field on a stretcher.

Credit – Reuters

Jurgen Klopp was furious with this tackle and rightfully so!

In time we should know the magnitude of Elliot’s injury and wish him all the best on a speedy recovery.

In the 75th minute, Leeds had a chance to get one back as Bamford’s attempt was saved with much confidence by Alisson.

At the other end, Liverpool would continue their offensive onslaught as Sadio Mane came close to giving The Merseyside Maulers their third, only to be denied by the Leeds keeper.

Alisson again was up to the task in the 83rd minute, keeping a long-range effort out by Bamford jumping high to thwart the ball away.

Liverpool would finally have their third in injury time as Sadio Mane after numerous unsuccessful attempts on goal finally found fulfilment with a super strike on goal after he was fed with a fine pass by Thiago who did well to latch onto a long cross from captain Henderson.

As the referee called time, Liverpool were rightfully anointed as the 3-0 winners.

The winning momentum needs to continue for The Reds

With three wins and one draw so far in the season, The Reds are looking good and need to build on this momentum as the contests will most certainly get tougher in time.

Liverpool should continue to mount those offensive onslaughts and goals will surely become a regular feature in their play as we have seen this far.

The Champions League opener against AC Milan is upon The Reds next in a matter of a few days and nothing short of a win in the opener of Europe’s most prestigious club competition will suffice.

Having said this, make no mistake any Italian opposition is never a cake walk and The Merseyside Maulers will definitely have to bring their A game to the fore amid a 50,000 strong Anfield.

After all, when Kopites roar, Liverpool soar.

 ‘Unity is strength – Let’s Go Reds – You’ll Never Walk Alone!’

F1 2021 Italian Grand Prix: Hamilton slumps in Sprint Qualifying

The second-ever Formula 1 Sprint Qualifying took place in the sunny and hot Italian afternoon. This was the warmest weather yet during the weekend, and that perhaps played into the decisions of the teams regarding the starting tire compounds. In the top 10, all cars had mediums except for the McLaren duo of Daniel Ricciardo and Lando Norris, who had opted for the soft compound.

The start was brilliant from Bottas starting from the front. His teammate Lewis Hamilton struggled getting off of the line, and the Briton fell to sixth behind Verstappen as well as both McLarens and even AlphaTauri’s Pierre Gasly. Gasly however had quite an exit off-track in turn 3, when his front wing fell off after making contact with one of the McLarens in the first corner. Gasly was out after his crash and the safety car was brought out while the tire wall got fixed.

In the restart, Bottas has a good start once more, pulling a gap of 1.5 seconds to Verstappen on the first lap following the restart. Hamilton had a more difficult time, and could not mount a challenge on Lando Norris in fourth place.

Some action was offered by Red Bull’s Sergio Perez when he tried to overtake Lance Stroll in turn 1, but run out of room and had to cut the chicane. He was instructed by his team to give the position back, but overtook Stroll again, this time legitimately on the subsequent lap.

Bottas and Verstappen were the kings of Saturday, pulling far away from Ricciardo on third. Hamilton in the end was not able to overtake Norris, finishing a disappointing fifth. Due to Bottas’ penalties, the Finn will be at the back of the grid on Sunday, with Verstappen and Ricciardo lining up on the front row. For the Dutchman, the pole surely means much more than his two points from today.

More to follow

Baptised in Brilliance, The Legend of CR7 Scales a New Peak

Last night, a few thousand supporters at the Estádio Algarve witnessed a miracle, possibly the greatest thing to ever happen to the beautiful country of Portugal.

The enigma called Cristiano Ronaldo, the G.O.A.T of world football surpassed Iran’s Ali Daei to become the highest goal scorer in the international game with his 110th strike against the Republic of Ireland

You read that right 110 goals, a figure which most international footballers don’t reach in appearances let alone goals.

Well, if this wasn’t reason enough to cheer, in a matter of moments as the clock struck the last minute of injury time, CR7 netted in a second to reach 111 and hand Portugal a well deserved 2-1 victory in this European Qualifier for Qatar 2022.

Surely, the Portuguese captain is like the best wine going around, getting better and hotter albeit in looks and performance with each passing year.

At 36, he gives a run for their money to every young footballer with his sheer brilliance in dribbling, mounting those magnificent runs and to top it all, putting the ball in the back of the opposition net with much ease.

Simply brilliant!

World’s Envy, Portugal’s Pride.

A five-time Ballon d’Or award winner and four-time European Golden Shoes conqueror, the most for any European player, this enigma par excellence was instrumental for Portugal winning the 2016 Euros in France.

While he sustained an injury in the 25th minute of the historic Euro 2016 final against hosts France, his sheer determination to get Portugal to the finals and his team winning the tournament to honour this bastion of the game was worthy of every praise.

Well if this wasn’t reason enough to celebrate this icon, one need not look further than the inaugural UEFA Nations League, which too was conquered by Portugal beating Netherlands in the final under his captaincy.

Add to this, his thirty title victories in Club Football including five Champions League hurrahs, does it get better for any footballer. Ever?

Surely not!

For me the greatest strength that this legend exuberates is despite being a number 7 in football which essentially is a winger and second striker role, he can put most number 9s, the main strikers to shame with his sheer ability to mount goal after goal.

The number 7 jersey in football received cult status when this man of God like ability put a new sheen on it, after legends of the past in Robert Pires, Luis Figo and Sir Kenny Dalglish had done their bit to honour this jersey.

Throughout his historic 18-year international career he has been the king pin of Portuguese football around whom multiple stars have revolved.

To be relevant for 18 long years is testament to the fitness of this man who till date can put models with the best chiseled physiques to shame.

Well, The Rock of Gibraltar in footballing terms would seem tiny in front of the Rock of Portugal.

A boon for Manchester United

Life comes a full circle, doesn’t it?

It was at Manchester United that Cristiano Ronaldo first wore the number 7 jersey under possibly the greatest manager that club football has ever seen in Sir Alex Ferguson.

Wearing the number 7 jersey became an extra source of motivation for Ronaldo to honour legends like David Beckham, George Best and Eric Cantona who had previously donned this number for the Red Devils.

And now the great man is back, having signed a new contract at Old Trafford and will again don the number 7 for Manchester United. Certainly, a boon if you’re a United supporter and more misery for fans like me who worship their fiercest rival, Liverpool.

The Premier League will surely be ready to get Ronaldoed again as goals will flow like wine from this legend.

And why not, to make the impossible possible is to be Cristiano Ronaldo!

Spirited 10-man Chelsea hold Liverpool to a draw at Anfield amid flaring tempers!

Pitted as a must watch clash of the titans, Anfield was rather disappointed with the final outcome as 10-man Chelsea did well to keep Liverpool at bay in a 1-1 draw despite the relentless attacking intent shown by The Reds.

Surely, Thomas Tuchel’s side would have been the happier of the two teams despite losing their right back, Reece James to a red at the stroke of half-time and still holding their own in the second to see out a draw which in-truth seemed almost an away win for them.

Testament to their coming of age under the German!

Truth be told, this clash wasn’t only about on-field performance albeit also of raging tempers on either side when Reece James received the red having controversially kept the ball out with his hand which was headed into the back of the net and Salah scored as a result with the spot-kick.

Chelsea were surely unhappy with the decision and it showed as keeper Mendy kicked the ball away when Liverpool’s captain Jordan Henderson went to collect it after Salah’s penalty thereby resulting in a heated exchange between the two as their respective team members came in to diffuse the situation.

Having said this, on a more positive note for all Liverpool fans, despite this 1-1 draw, The Merseyside Maulers still continued their unabated run of not losing a single game in their last 13 league encounters having won 10 and drawn 3.

So, without further ado lets dissect this fixture that saw the small section of Blues supporters certainly being the happier bunch amid the sea of Red at Anfield:

Spoils are shared in the first 45 amid drama galore

Liverpool started the game as the more dominant of the two teams with their first chance coming in just the 4th minute as a sloppy display from Kai Havertz saw Salah get the ball and he in turn passed it to young Harvey Elliot whose strike went just inches off-target.

The Reds would continue to build attacks with a second chance coming in the 10th minute as Henderson volleyed the ball off-target with his first touch from a sumptuous Trent Alexander-Arnold cross.

Liverpool certainly looked up for this contest albeit much to their dismay, the opposition drew first blood when Kai Havertz loopy header found the back of the Liverpool net from a James corner in the 22nd minute. Truth be told, The Reds defence was in sixes and sevens as The German was given ample space to conveniently head the ball that beat keeper Alisson.

Chelsea led Liverpool by a goal to nil as the Kop and more importantly all of Anfield was in shock!

A comeback was more than the need of the hour.

Well, the comeback came in injury time as Mane’s strike was blocked by Reece James as the ball bounced of his leg inevitably onto his hand as it was going in.

Credit – Reuters

The result, a penalty as VAR asked the referee to decide by looking at the pitch side monitor and Chelsea’s misery soared further after James was also shown the Red as a deliberate attempt to keep the ball out with his hand.

The Blues were furious amid the rather controversial decision and Mohamed Salah made no mistake in drawing The Reds level with his 99th Premier League goal.

Credit – Official Liverpool FC Twitter Handle

As the first half ended there were ill-fated temper tussles between both the teams which also saw Blues’ defender Rudiger and keeper Mendy get a yellow.

Credit – The Liverpool Offside

Mendy keeps Liverpool’s attacking threats at bay in the second half

Having been reduced to 10-men and also scarred with two yellow cards, Chelsea as the second half began were all but emotionally drained. One would have expected Liverpool to capitalize on this situation and mount further misery on The Blues.

Well, The Reds certainly tried with mounting 24 shots with 7 of them being on target albeit Chelsea stood strong to keep the Merseyside Maulers at bay.

Liverpool had their first chance of the second half in the 51st minute with Jota’s header going just inches above the goal.

Minutes later keeper Mendy did well to keep a long Virgil Van Dijk shot out along with also standing tall to thwart Fabinho and Robertson’s efforts.

Truth be told, Liverpool were getting frustrated having not mounted a second despite having one additional player on the field.

As time went on so did Liverpool’s desperation to score with missing two more chances in the last 10 minutes as Jota and Salah were also denied by Mendy.

The Chelsea keeper had done fantastically well to deny Liverpool who had chances aplenty as the referee called time.

For a neutral and the small group of Chelsea fans at Anfield, this was almost a win for The Blues as they took an important point from this away fixture.

Not a dent but a learning for The Reds

For Jurgen Klopp and his team this draw which could easily have been a win as Chelsea were demoralized, being down to 10-men should not be seen as a dent but a learning.

Learning to capitalize better on opportunities when you have the opposition down and deflated.

Having said this Liverpool did try and had it not been for the stupendous efforts of Blues’ keeper Mendy, The Reds surely would have had a second.

Despite the draw, The Reds still sit pretty on third in the league table with seven important points and surely would hope for nothing less than a win when they lock horns with Leeds United next in the league before opening their European campaign against the Italian force A.C. Milan.

The season is still very open and all for Liverpool to make their own.

‘Unity is strength – Let’s Go Reds – You’ll Never Walk Alone!’

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