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F1 2021 Russian Grand Prix: Lewis Hamilton takes win ahead of Max Verstappen in a dramatic wet finish in Sochi

Lewis Hamilton has taken his 100th Grand Prix win at the Russian Grand Prix after a dramatic wet finish saw leader Lando Norris spinning off the track with two laps to go.

Red Bull’s Max Verstappen was able to fight to the front from the back of the grid to finish in P2 ahead of Ferrari’s Carlos Sainz.

All Important Start

For the front four of Norris, Sainz, George Russell and Hamilton all eyes were on who would exit Turn 2 in the lead with the long straight offering the perfect slipstream opportunity for those who could take advantage.

Norris started strong off the line along with the Williams of Russell but they were quickly under pressure from Sainz, threading his way between the pair and taking the lead out of Turn 2 by the sixth lap he had stretched out a 1.9s to Norris behind.

Courtesy F1 Media

Hamilton had a tough start with Daniel Ricciardo getting past along with Fernando Alonso in front before the end of the first lap.

It wasn’t long before Hamilton started to fight back after a difficult start and was able to get passed the Alpine of Alonso but it took the seven-time world Champion a few more laps to make it passed Daniel Ricciardo with Sergio Perez slowly making up ground behind.

The early undercut

Aston Martin were the first to gamble with the early undercut, pitting Lance Stroll from P4 for the hard tyres. Triggering Williams to make the same decision a lap later, but Russell came out of the pits behind Stroll.

Despite pulling out an early lead by Lap 10 Norris had closed within DRS range of his former teammate – Sainz – in the Scuderia Ferrari. The McLaren driver passed on the run into Turn 12 on Lap 14.

The pass triggered Ferrari to pit for the hard tyres but Norris continued, making him more vulnerable to the undercut from Sainz. It became evident as the laps progressed that the early pit stop would not be as advantageous as first thought and McLaren had made the right call.

Courtesy F1 Media

Mercedes made the same decision as McLaren to stay out on track as others pitted for the Hard tyres. Hamilton, struggling to get ahead of Ricciardo, was not able to find any clear air to make up time on Stroll and Russell who had already pitted and making up time on Mercedes for a short time.

Hamilton had Perez in his mirrors, but he was still unable to make it passed Ricciardo ahead. McLaren pitted Ricciardo first but a problem on the stop meant that the release light did not go green, adding crucial seconds onto the stop.

The threat of rain however was still growing as the race approached the halfway point and Norris was stretching out his lead as the McLaren team tried to find a gap to pit but Hamilton, also yet to pit, was finding some pace behind.

Norris pitting on Lap 29, a lap later than Hamilton, released him in P4 with Leclerc, Alonso, and Perez ahead all yet to pit. Hamilton also on fresh hard tyres, passed Pierre Gasly into clear air and started to close the gap to Norris.

RedBull recovery

Max Verstappen, starting at the back of the grid taking an engine penalty, battled his way into the points using his fresh hard tyres to close down on a possible podium finish in the second half of the race.

As the first stint progressed the championship leader was charging through the field, sweeping easily up the inside of Turn 12 on Valtteri Bottas, giving RedBull early confidence that Verstappen could finish at least in the points.

Courtesy F1 Media

Verstappen was clearly hungry for a points finish, making his way through the field, unlike Bottas in the Mercedes.

RedBull’s chances opened up as Perez was able to extend his first stint on the medium tyres, but his efforts were ruined by a slow stop of 8.9s, pushing him out of podium contention and finishing P4.

Save the rain until last

As the closing laps approached, the Grand Prix was still all to play for with Hamilton closing the gap to Norris in the McLaren in P1. The Ferrari of Sainz seemingly was comfortably heading for a P3 finish but the threat of rain still loomed over the track.

Spots of rain began to fall by Lap 44, rolling in from the Black Sea, Norris went wide but was able to hang on in the damp conditions with Hamilton clinging onto the rear of the McLaren.

Into the pits went Russell, Bottas, Raikkonen and Nikitia Mazepin first with others following suit a lap later. But the front runners opted to stay out, squirming around on the worsening track conditions.

Courtesy F1 Media

Hamilton meanwhile pitted for intermediates; giving him a 25 second gap to Norris with three laps to go.

Meanwhile, the two Aston Martin teammates came together in a clumsy move. Stroll went spinning two laps later but was able to keep running, despite being sent out of the points.

As Hamilton closed down on the Intermediate tyres Norris went spinning off the track as the conditions worsened, leaving him no option but to pit, handing the win to Hamilton and P2 to Verstappen.

Norris being sent from P1 to P7 within 1 lap, along with crossing the solid white line of the pitlane to put him at risk of picking up a penalty from the race stewards after the race.

Perez and Leclerc also lost out by not switching to Inters earlier but Sainz was able to regain the final podium position.

More to Follow.

Esteban Ocon takes Alpine’s maiden Grand Prix win after a chaotic wet start in Hungary

Esteban Ocon has won the Hungarian Grand Prix  to take Alpine’s maiden win after a chaotic wet start and a red flag eliminated much of the front of the grid.

The Alpine driver led a controlled race in front of the Aston Martin of Sebastian Vettel, who took his second podium of the season, after the grid was shaken up following a first lap incident where Valtteri Bottas collided with the Red Bull’s and Lando Norris.

The remainder of the race was a story of the midfield fighting at the top as Ocon defended from Vettel behind to win the Hungarian Grand Prix while Hamilton fought back after Mercedes made mistakes on the restart. Williams also picked up their first points of the season with Nicolas Latifi and George Russell finishing P8 and P9.

A Start followed by a red-flag

Hamilton had a strong start off the line, unlike his teammate Valtteri Bottas, the number 77 car was under pressure from the McLaren of Lando Norris on the charge as well as Max Verstappen to his left.

Bottas locked up on the oily surface into Turn 1, sending his car into the rear of Norris who then collected Verstappen as made his way around the first corner.  Bottas also took the Sergio Perez out of the race, going over his front wing, as he went straight on into the runoff with front end damage.

The incident left Norris’ McLaren with right side floor damage and he retired from the race. Perez also retired and pulled to the side of the track minutes later.

Lance Stoll, also struggled to slow down his Aston Martin, cutting the corner at Turn 1 over the grass and lost control over the wet curb and sending his car into Charles Leclerc’s Ferrari. Resulting in the pair’s retirement from the race.

Verstappen pitted for a new front wing and tyres but as he made his way out of the pits and towards the back of the pack the full damage became clear “We have lost the bargeboard on the left-hand side” he was told on the radio.

The race was then red-flagged due to the debris on the track and in the pitlane exit. 

Credit: Formula 1 Media

The Pitlane Restart

The red-flag period handed the Red Bull garage a lifeline with the engineers going to work on fixing Verstappen’s car as much as they could but the car left the pitlane for the restart with obvious damage to  the right side of his RB16B.  

The new re-starting order emerged with notable advantages such as Sebastian Vettel P3, Yuki Tsunoda P5. Nicolas Latifi P6, and Mick Schumacher P10.

As the remaining drivers were on their out lap, it became apparent the track was too dry for inters, the entirety of the grid pitted aside from Hamilton meaning the lights went out with only Hamilton’s Mercedes on the starting line.

The pitlane race was won by Williams and George Russell who left the pits in P2 behind Hamilton, but he was told to give four places back by the stewards due to undertaking in the pitlane. This left Ocon in P1 with Vettel and Latifi behind as Hamilton finally pitted a lap later.

 The drama continued in the Pitlane as Kimi Raikkonen was released into the path of Nikita Mazepin, leaving the Haas out of the race. Speeding in the Pitlane was also investigated with Giovinazzi, receiving a penalty

Alpine and Aston Martin battle for the lead

Ocon led a strong race for the opening laps after the restart with Vettel hanging a second behind with the pair dropping the Williams of Latifi by nine seconds who had Tsunoda and Sainz on his tail.

The fight for the lead was alive as the pit window opened, Vettel lapping faster than Ocon and on his tail, but Alpine held the cards with Fernando Alonso in P4.

Vettel entered the pit lane on Lap 37 but a small problem cost the team around 1 second on the stop and as Ocon pitted the lap later he came out in front of the Aston Martin.

With his tyres up to temperature, Vettel closed down on the front runner. Ocon in the Alpine however, was able to stay in control and crucially ahead of the Aston Martin even as the experienced head of Vettel kept up the pressure.

But ultimately, Alpine controlled the race and with Alonso holding up Hamilton gave hope into the final laps of the Grand Prix that Ocon had the win in his hands.

Credit: Formula 1 Media

Hamilton on the fight back

Turn 1 gave us most of the overtaking with Verstappen moving first, battling past the Haas of Schumacher who put up a fight against the damaged Red Bull. 

Hamilton after being sent back to P14, the last of the remaining drivers, struggled to make his way up the order and passed Giovinazzi on Lap 11 and was able to pass Schumacher a lap later than the Red Bull.

Hamilton pitted once more on Lap 20 for the hard tyres with the hope to go to the end. This meant Red Bull had to respond, pitting Verstappen a lap later for the same tyre.

However, the undercut worked for Mercedes, passing Verstappen as he exited the pit lane. While Hamilton was able to make progress on the new hard tyres, making it passed Tsunoda in P5 on Lap 33, the damaged Red Bull struggled to overtake.

Verstappen, while only making it passed Schumacher, pitted once more on Lap 42 for a set of medium tyres.

Hamilton closed down on the podium positions, only six seconds off the lead by Lap 45, but three laps later the Brit pitted for medium tyres and re-joined the race in P5. It wasn’t long before he heard “Hammertime” over the radio and he started to set his sights on the win.

Alonso wasn’t making it easy for Mercedes however, defending and leaving Hamilton struggling to pass for much longer than he’d hoped. Into Turn 2, the pair raced wheel-to-wheel through the first sector and Hamilton spent five laps behind the Alpine.

The Mercedes was finally able to pass the Alpine and it wasn’t long until Hamilton was on the tail of Sainz and made the pass on the inside of Turn 1 on Lap 68 to take the last podium position.

Alice Powell wins the season opener of W Series at the Red Bull Ring in Austria despite late safety car

Alice Powell has won the season opener of W Series at the Red Bull Ring in Austria ahead of Sarah Moore.

Leading a controlled race, pole sitter Powell had a strong start off the line and was able to hold position at the front of the field, despite a late safety car.

Moore comfortably held second position while being put under pressure from Scuderia W teammate, Belen Garcia. But mistakes in the opening laps put Garcia on the backfoot falling down the order and under pressure from Beitske Visser and Emma Kimilainen behind.

A safety car was required as Marta Garcia pulled to the side of the track and retiring in the closing ten minutes of the race. The safety car restart meant that there was a short two lap sprint to finish the race.

On the restart Kimilianen collided with Visser, sending the M. Forbes Motorsport driver spinning. Kimilainen sustained front wing damage after the incident and struggled to make it too the end, falling down the order with parts flying off the car in the final lap to finish P14. The incident between the two will be investigated after the race.

Defending champion Jamie Chadwick was sent to the back of the field after Jess Hawkins locked up and collided with the rear of Chadwick’s car into Turn 1. Chadwick struggled to make it back trough the traffic but recoverd in the Safety car restart to to finish P7. The incident will be investigated by the stewards after the race.

Provisional Classification

The return of W Series: Everything you need to know

This weekend eighteen female drivers will climb into the cockpits of their Tatuus F3-318’s and fight it out in the first round of the W-Series 2021 season at the Red Bull Ring.

After a year out in 2020 due to the pandemic W Series, which is designed to be “the world’s most popular and inclusive female sporting series”, is ready to build on the momentum of the inaugural season along with a new partnership with F1 to propel more women into top level motorsport.

But the inaugural season in 2019 was not immune to controversy and the series is hoping to put fans criticism about indistinguishable livery designs behind them with the transition to a team based championship from 2021 including new livery designs and external partners including Veloce, Puma and Miguel Forbes.

First of all, what is W Series?

W Series in an all-female single-seater FIA F3 championship which was launched in 2018. The championship hopes to be able to turn the tide for women in motorsport after more than 45 years since the last female racer in Formula 1, Lella Lombardi.

The series, unlike other junior formulas, aims to remove barriers and provide equal opportunities as it is free-to-enter. Therefore W Series is able to offer a platform for female drivers who have been unable to gather funding throughout their career up to now.

The winner of the W Series championship receives £500,000 to go towards their motorsport career with a further £1m split between the rest of the drivers, depending on championship finishing position.

Courtesy of W Series: 2019 Season Finale Brands Hatch

Not only is the series focused on the current field but also the female racers of the future, with the hopes that, the current stars of single seater motorsport in this years W Series will encourage more young girls to take up karting at the grassroots of the sport.

While W series’ CEO Catherine Bond Muir’s words that; “If W Series does not succeed, we would have let down a whole generation” may seem excessive – they are very much not – the future of women in F1 somewhat depends entirely on the success of this championship. We are currently not close to having a female driver in F1 and the success of this project may not be seen for years to come. However, with ever-growing audience appetite for women’s sport and increasing external partners; the future of W Series looks bright.

W Series move to a team-based championship

W series will become a team-based championship in 2022 with this year’s season operating as a period of transition.

As mentioned previously, W Series faced criticism from fans in 2019 due to indistinguishable livery designs compounded by W Series’ rules that mean drivers change cars in each round. 

Courtesy W Series: Pre Season Testing Anglesey

This season will see six teams branded by external partners with the remaining teams continuing to be branded by the championship, with new livery designs. The new owners range from existing brands, individuals as well as racing teams.

To protect the championships aim for equal opportunities for all drivers, the cars will continue to be serviced and maintained by the championship as well as remaining mechanically identical.

Among the six new teams are names such as sportswear brand Puma, businessman Miguel Forbes and Veloce racing who’s Extreme E team includes W-Series 2019 champion, Jamie Chadwick.

The Weekend format

The Weekend format for the first two rounds begin with a thirty-minute Practice session and thirty-minute qualifying on a Friday followed by the race on Saturday afternoon. The first round in Spielberg is as follows (In local time):

Practice: Friday 25th June 13:10

Qualifying: Friday 25th June 16:30

Race: Saturday 26th June 16:30

Other than the first two rounds in Austria, the exact times of sessions have not been confirmed so we are likely to see some variation of the weekend depending on the schedule of Formula 1 and other supporting categories at events.

The Drivers and teams for 2021

Team Drivers
Bunker Racing Fabienne Wohlwend (5) and Sabre Cook (37)
M. Forbes MotorsportBeitske Visser (95) and Ayla Agren (17)
Puma W Series TeamMarta Garcia (19) and Gosia Rdest (3)
Racing XAlice Powell (27) and Jess Hawkins (21)
Sirin RacingMiki Koyama (54) and Vicky Piria (11)
Veloce RacingJamie Chadwick (55) and Bruna Tomaselli (97)
Ecurie WEmma Kimiläinen (7) and Abbie Eaton (44)
Scuderia WSarah Moore (26) and Belen Garcia (22)
W Series Academy Irina Sidorkova (51) and Nerea Marti (32)

F3: Jack Doohan wins around a wet Paul Ricard to take race victory

Jack Doohan has taken his maiden win in the third Formula 3 race of the weekend, with his race coming alive in the drying track conditions as the rain eased.

Doohan passed Dennis Hauger on Lap 15 as the Prema driver lost time, struggling to cool the wet tyres, in the drying conditions.

Pulling the move on the inside of the final corner, Hauger did not make it easy for the Australian, with the pair going wheel to wheel for much of the first sector. Although Hauger kept the pressure on, the Trident driver held on to the top podium position.

Dennis Hauger, finishing P2, had a stronger start than Pole sitter Frederik Vesti off the line in the wet conditions. The Prema driver, evidently confident, stretched out a gap to the rest of the grid by the first lap but couldn’t match the pace of Doohan on the wet tyres in the closing laps.

Caio Collet gained confidence as the track dried out, slipping passed Frederick Vesti as he struggled to cool the tyres and later Victor Martins, to take the last step on the podium in P3.

Clement Novalak had a strong start making up three positions in the opening laps as the drivers tried to find where the grip was.  Novalak was in no time on the tail of Frederick Vesti as the drivers slipped around the track. However the Trident driver couldn’t match the pace of the top four as the track dried out.

Provisional Classification

F3: Arthur Leclerc leads a dominant drive in France to take maiden F3 win

Arthur Leclerc has won the second sprint race around the Paul Ricard circuit in France maintaining the lead throughout, confidently ahead of his two team mates.

It was a battle of the Prema’s for the lead in the opening laps as reverse-grid pole sitter Leclerc maintained the lead with a strong start as second placed Jak Crawford stalled on the line, sending him to the back of the grid.

Dennis Hauger took the inside line to get ahead of fellow Prema driver Olli Caldwell on the eighth lap and the two battled as Leclerc stretched out a gap of over two seconds as the race passed the half way stage.

Victor Martins, finishing P3, was able to make a move on Caldwell in the penultimate lap as the Prema struggled for grip.

Martins had an electric opening to the race, making up six places by the third lap. The Frenchman, while initially unable to close on the DRS train of the front three, maintained his tyres to slip passed Caldwell to take his second podium of the day in P3.

Jack Doohan was able to get passed Ayumu Iwasa on the first lap and was able to begin to close down on the Prema’s ahead. The Trident driver was unable to keep up with the pace of the leading three however and fell out of the DRS train to finish P5.  

The battle for P6 continued in the DRS train between Clement Novalak, Ayumu Iwasa Alexander Smolyar and Calan Williams but the DRS train was unable to catch the top five.

While Novalak picked up the pace toward the end of the race Iwasa lost out in battles to finish to P9.

The final F3 race of the weekend takes place at 11:40am Local Time on Sunday.

Final Classification

Alex Smolyar beats Victor Martins to P1 in a sensational first F3 sprint race at Paul Ricard.

Alex Smolyar swept passed Victor Martins on the last lap after battling from P6 on the grid. Smolyar gained pace by lap six, as the top four battled, being able to put himself in the right place to make a move for the win on the closing lap.

In a charging drive from P10, Victor Martins took P2 with his race coming alive in the closing stages, after being able to catch the train of drivers battling for the lead.

Despite Martins getting himself in the lead he was unable to keep Smolyar, with the aid of DRS, behind.

Calan Williams had a challenging opening to the race, as he was unable to hold back Logan Sargeant and Ayum Iwasa closing in behind.  Willams who was also later passed by Smolyar picked up the pace and battled in the top four to finish P3.

The top four were in a race of their own as they battled for P1. Sargeant had a strong first lap getting past David Schumacher on the start despite Calan Williams staying ahead

Juan Manuel Correa held on the tail of the top four but was unable to keep up with the battle for the lead in the second half of the race to finish P6.

Ayumu Iwasa, despite showing a confident drive for much of the race, received a five second time penalty after a wide move off the track for P1 on Logan Sargeant.

Iwasa had an electric start getting up to third from through the first sector of the first lap and later getting himself up to P1 with confidence in turn 11 helping him pass Williams. But the Red Bull junior couldn’t hold on to the lead before being handed the penalty, finishing P8.

Juri Vips Takes F2 Win in an Incident Filled Baku Feature Race.

In a chaotic feature race Hitech Grand Prix driver Juri Vips had a dominant drive as Liam Lawson and Oscar Piastri saw time penalties take them out of contention for the win.

Vips was able to get past Oscar Piastri on the main Pit Straight on Lap 9 after the mandatory pitstop left Piastri in front. The Prema driver was awarded a five second time penalty from the stewards for an unsafe release later in the race.

While Piastri closed in on Vips in the closing laps of the race, the Red Bull junior driver was able to stay ahead without Piastri’s penalty.

Rain overnight meant the track and air temperature around the Baku Street Circuit was much cooler than in the previous two sprint races on Saturday.

Both Hitech GP drivers had a strong start off the line, but Vips had an excellent launch, putting pole sitter Liam Lawson on the back foot.

As chaos unfolded up and down the grid, Oscar Piastri was able to get past Lawson on the first lap. But Lawson made a brave move on the Prema driver on the first safety car restart.

Lawson received a ten second time penalty, which he served at his mandatory pit stop, for forcing Theo Pourchaire off the track on the first lap. “I didn’t do anything to Pourchaire” he said on the radio.

Staying out of trouble, Robert Shwartzman had good pace in the feature race finishing P3, making up positions one by one on the long straights of Baku. The Prema driver was unable to catch his teammate Oscar Piastri as the grid spread out on the closing laps.  

A safety car was required on the first lap when Marcus Armstong was sent into the wall, ending his race along with Theo Pourchaire. The incident, which resulted in a ten second time penalty for Dan Ticktum, saw Ticktum, Armstrong and Pourchaire go three-wide into the corner. 

Ticktum however, recovered to P8 after his ten second stop and go passing David Beckman and Christian Lundgaard.

Felipe Drugovich made up seven places, avoiding the chaos of the first half of the race. With Drugovich getting ahead of Ralph Boschung.

Championship leader Guanyu Zhou had a difficult race with poor race pace, unable to make much progress around the streets of Baku.

The start was aborted as Jack Aitken and Matteo Nannini both had to be pushed into the pitlane after they both lost power. HWA Racelab however, were able to restart Aitkens car and on an alternate strategy made their mandatory pit stop on Lap 23 to finish P11.

Full Classification

More to follow.

Juri Vips wins a chaotic second F2 sprint race in Baku

In a chaotic race under the evening sun around the streets of Baku, Juri Vips displayed impressive pace, despite multiple safety cars, to get ahead of David Beckmann and Bent Viscaal.

Vips made a well calculated pass in the slip stream of Beckmann, using DRS to fly past the Charouz driver and take the top podium position.

While Beckmann had a strong restart after both safety cars, Vips was on his tail staying under a second behind. 

The Red Bull junior driver was putting pressure on the top two right from the start. He made a sensational move on Bent Viscaal around the outside of Turn 1, threading himself through the perfect gap to move himself up the order.

Jehan Deruvala, battled with fellow Red Bull Junior driver Vips on the safety car restart, despite initially failing to keep up with the pace of the top three, Deruvala fought back putting Beckmann in front under pressure while defending from Viscaal and Schwartzman behind.

Dan Ticktum made an impressive come back from the back after Guanyu Zhou collided with him after locking up on the first lap. The second Safety gave the Carlin driver another chance to get himself to finish in the points in P6.

Robert Shwarzman had a consistent race and stayed out of trouble as chaos unfolded in the opening laps of the race. Schwarzman found himself in a DRS train, to finish P5.

Liam Lawson was able to fight back from starting P20, fighting with Oscar Piastri who started P19, wheel to wheel through the middle sector. Lawson finished ahead of Piastri in P7 and P8.

Theo Pourchaire had an unfortunate race after sustaining front wing damage, bringing to an end his chain of consecutive point scoring races to an end, finishing P9.

A second safety car was required as Roy Nissany collided with the rear of Richard Verschoor’s car, sending him into the barrier and out of the race.

Christian Lundgaard, although making progress in the opening laps locked up on the second safety car restart to find himself in the barrier on Turn 1.

Marcus Armstrong had yet another disappointing race after defending well for the opening laps. Armstrong found himself in the barrier after locking up trying to overtake bent Viscaal on the second Safety Car restart. 

Schwartzman leads a dominant drive to win the first sprint race in Baku

Robert Schwartzman has won the first F2 sprint race in Azerbaijan after leading a dominant drive as Dan Ticktum charged up the order to finish P2.

Schwarzman executed the safety car restart perfectly down the long pit-straight of Baku and built up a comfortable two-second gap to those behind.

The Prema driver dominated from start to finish to take his first win this season, making a good start off the line covering off Jehan Deruvala behind.

Dan Ticktum had strong pace around the streets of Baku, getting past both Marcus Armstrong and Ralph Bouchung after the safety car restart. The Carlin driver continued his excellent pace, challenging both Jehan Deruvala and Guanyu Zhou to get himself into second.  

Guanyu Zhou also had a strong race being able to hold back Marcus Armstrong behind in the opening laps. The Uni-Virtuosi driver set his race alight by the 8th Lap, using the long pit straight to his advantage and breezing past Jehan Deruvala with DRS.

It was first lap drama around the streets of Baku as Liam Lawson, who was hit by Felipe Drugovich behind, ending his race in the wall of the first corner of the first lap. Piastri then retired under the safety car on Lap two.

 The Racelab teammates of Jack Aitken and Alessio Deledda were also both out by the second corner of the race.

Theo Pourchaire took the extra two points for the fastest lap and made positive progress after losing out to Juri Vips on the safety car restart. The 17-year-old was able to get the place back in two laps. His race gained momentum, keeping pressure on the top five.

Ralph Boschung struggled to hold onto the pace of the top five, being passed by both Tiktum and Armstrong as well as being put under pressure from Theo Pourchaire but the Campos driver was able to get past Armstrong in the closing laps.

Marcus Armstrong had a largely strong race but was unable to keep the Pourchaire and Ralph Boschung behind to finish P7.

Provisional Classification

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