F1 Car Reveals 2021: Haas VF-21 – What’s new from the American effort?

Haas were an outlier on the F1 grid this year, being the only team to reveal their car on the morning of testing. The highly controversial (and WADA investigation inducing) livery was debuted on the 2020 car, this is the first time we’ve seen what new paraphernalia they’ll be using this season.

A short word on the livery before we look at the technical changes. If they get away with it, it’s genius. It is however tempting fate for a large retaliation from WADA over use of the Russian flag just to prevent a precedent being set on the world stage.

The VF-21

It’s just one image from Haas before launch, though more snaps will appear throughout the season, even though the car itself may not change as Haas defer development for their 2022 car.

Left: VF-20 in Abu Dhabi, Right: VF-21 in Bahrain (Credit: Haas F1)

The front wing of the new car is hard to tell whether it’s changed from this angle. The endplates return unchanged from 2020, maintaining the rectangular cut-out from last year though with a slightly sharper corner to it.

At the bargeboards the array of fins is the same, and the pioneering louvres are maintained at the sidepod shoulder but isn’t as developed as some teams have taken this concept. The floor is cut away as required and features a small horizontal fin in front of the front tyre, though Haas don’t seem to have changed the cooling requirements atop the engine as Ferrari have done.

This is an interesting choice though it is reinforced in concept by the maintained sidepod shape from 2020. Haas have not gone with a downwash design as most of the teams have decided to use this year.

One small change at the rear is the T-wing, utilising a much more rectangular design than the gentle curve of 2020. Any changes to the rear wing of the car are unfortunately obscured by Mick Schumacher’s team-mate but given the story for the rest of the car, it’s not imagined it will be radically different.

While the Haas may not have changed, the other cars certainly have and if there’s a lull in today’s testing, why not see what MercedesRed BullFerrari, AlpineAston MartinAlphaTauriAlfa Romeo and Williams have done over the winter.

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