Super bowl LV Preview: The Old vs the New, but who will prevail?

It’s that time of the year once again for us British NFL fans to slog through the night to watch the Super Bowl. Super Bowl LV is less than a week away now and after 17 game weeks and 3 weeks of play-offs, we have just two teams remaining, the Kansas City Chiefs and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

I’ve not been a long-term NFL fan, however for the last six years I have always made sure to tune in for the Super Bowl. It is truly a sporting event like no other, and while some sceptics may not enjoy the sport, no one can deny that they like to put on a show.

So, let’s get into the two teams competing this year.

Kansas City Chiefs

The reigning champions are returning to the Super Bowl, but there are no signs that there is any complacency in the team. Kansas cruised to a 14-2 record in the regular season which saw them get a first-round bye in the play-offs.

They saw off the Cleveland Browns despite a late scare to Quarter back Patrick Mahomes. Mahomes was a back and fit for the AFC championship final against the Buffalo Bills, who were no match the might of the Chiefs who secured their second AFC title in a row.

This is the Chiefs fourth ever Super Bowl history and most of this squad will be used to it, having played in it last year. So, expect a confident Kansas team coming into this game.

Credit: Kansas City Chiefs

Who to look out for?

  • Firstly, you have to look at the Quarter Back, Patrick Mahomes. Even when the Chiefs look down and out, you can always count on Mahomes to pull something out the bag and turn the game around.
  • Tyreek Hill and Travis Kelce. The dynamic duo of the Chiefs’ offence. They have 26 touchdowns between them and well over 1700 receiving yards as well. That’s truly incredible. Expect to see them both used often during the game.
  • Finally, you can’t ignore the defence and Tyrann Mathieu is definitely one to look for. He’s not shy to get some tackles in and he also has the most interceptions in the Chiefs’ defence so Brady will want to avoid him.

This is a big year for Patrick Mahomes as he not only faces one of the greatest NFL players ever, but also, he will be looking to become the youngest ever Quarter Back to win multiple Super Bowls.

The Chiefs have all the pressure on their backs as they go in as strong favourites, and if last year’s Super Bowl is anything to go by, then we should expect the Chiefs to be able to deal with it. To be 20-10 down going into the fourth quarter and still turn it around to win 31-20 is an incredible feat. Will we see a repeat of it this year?

Credit: SB Nation

Tampa Bay Buccaneers

For the first time ever in Super Bowl history, a team playing in the Super Bowl will be in their own stadium. This year the Super Bowl will be played at Tampa’s home stadium, the Raymond James stadium.

This is the second ever Super Bowl that Tampa have ever got to in their franchise history. Their first appearance was 18 years ago, and Buc fans will be hoping that they win their second Super Bowl next Sunday and maintain their 100%-win rate in Super Bowls.

Tampa were not people’s choice to win the NFC championship and make it to the Super Bowl. It looked as though the Green Bay packers would be the ones to make it all the way, however Tampa stunned everyone with some great defensive plays to secure victory.

Who to look out for?

  • Who else but Tom Brady? The man may as well be the encapsulation of the Super Bowl. Brady is chasing his 7th Super Bowl title and during this season he has been on top form after a lacklustre time in his final year with the Patriots.
  • Brady has a great offense alongside him with the likes of Antonio Brown, Rob Gronkowski, Mike Evans, or Chris Godwin. All of which are more than capable to take on the might of the Chiefs’ defence. With 31 touchdowns between them, they could be a handful.
  • You also have to look out for key players in their defence which got them here in the first place. Devin White has made a total of 140 tackles and 9 sacks this season which is incredibly impressive.

This game will be a true test of how good the Bucs defence really is. We saw it save them from a late attack from the Packers in the Championship final.

Tampa have taken us all by surprise by getting this far and the real question is now, can they go a little further? They are the underdogs going into this game and it’s been a few years since we’ve had a good Super Bowl upset.

If any man is to be able to do it then you look no further than Tom Brady. He is at home in this game and no matter what, we always see the best of him in the Super Bowl.

Credit: ESPN

Who will win?

Well, I think I would be a fool if I didn’t think that the Kansas City Chiefs will win and retain their crown.

Kansas have cruised to the Super Bowl this year and it has not looked for a single second like they can be bested. Even during the regular season, Tampa Bay were blown away like cotton wool by Kansas.

While it was a good showing from the Chiefs back in November, they need to make sure that they don’t get complacent because we have seen numerous times this season, Tampa Bay can surprise and shock us.

Kansas to win, but Brady will make it interesting.

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