The Top 10 Memes of the 2020 Formula 1 Sakhir Grand Prix

  1. 2 new drivers, 1 new winner, and 87 laps of pure excitement. The Sakhir Grand Prix was tipped to bring some excitement to the world of F1 and it did not disappoint.

Perez took his first ever win this weekend and Russell jumped in a Mercedes to get his first points finish. Respectfully though, we don’t care about that, lets get into the memes.

  1. 1. Posted on Reddit by Smallface777

After last week’s events a race start that didn’t include Bottas starting slowly, backing up the field and causing a chain reaction of events that gave us a car spearing off to the left of shot would have sufficed. Alas, the racing gods decreed that this was not to be and we all had a collective heart-in-mouth moment before the real contact began.

  1. 2. Posted on Reddit by Error-503

Given how well Russell was performing, after the botched pitstop and a cruel slow puncture, George’s race felt like it had the wind knocked out of it, like Photoshop after the free trial ends. We hope to see him back in the Brackley outfit’s machinery as soon as possible to get the win that got away.

  1. 3. Posted on Reddit by erginushi

After a good 3 years of Hamilton’s dead tyres producing laps even Senna would balk at beating, it must have been mental whiplash for Bono to hear Pirelli tyres were still performing as intended.

  1. 4. Posted on Reddit by ywas6afraidof7bc789

George seemingly couldn’t resist ‘faking’ his own issue before blowing the field away with a storming lap that showed why he would have probably got a podium had it not been for poor luck.

  1. 5. Posted on Reddit by Its_jsec

Obviously a Perez win brings us great joy to see (Who couldn’t get romantic about sport with him getting misty eyed on the top step?)


Would it have been too much to ask for him to get a podium? (We’ll be consoling ourselves with his well-deserved points)

  1. 6. Posted on Reddit by Sn_jjs

Bottas can’t seem to catch a break, with the absence of a quick, experienced, British driver challenging him for first position at the start, bringing  a quick, novice (In the Merc), British driver. He’d be a star were it not for the outstanding performances of his teammates he’s had to contend with being compared to.

  1. 7. Posted on Reddit by Xinu03

We were all rooting for Russell to get a win, and a radio call like that can easily throw the slowest of heartrates for a loop.

  1. 8. Posted on Reddit by Davefromdowndiepub

As has been said many times before but re-iterated this weekend after an epic performance, it’s criminal that Perez after all he’s done for F1. Albon must surely be feeling the pressure for his seat after this weekend.

  1. 9. Posted on Reddit by lavytaffy13

The emotional turmoil of a Russell power unit issue and race back to the front after a botched pitstop was then hit with the utter heartbreak of watching him pit after a slow puncture.

  1. 10. Posted on Reddit by TurkishTurkeyBoy

It seems baffling Ocon managed to get a second place this weekend but by just picking up places and staying out of trouble he managed it, showing that it truly is a legitimate strategy.

If you’ve made it this far, please don’t hesitate to join next week for the top 10 memes of the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix (Which we hope exist, given the snooze-fest it normally is).

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