The Top 10 Memes of the Formula 1 2020 Bahrain Grand Prix

That’s it, the first of Bahrain International Circuit’s two rounds for the 2020 Formula 1 calendar is in the books, and what an example the Sakhir Grand Prix will have to follow after an electric display.

We’d use another adjective to describe it but given the circumstances, it seems in fairly poor taste.

Now, without further hypocrisy, here are the top 10 memes we could find from the 2020 Bahrain Grand Prix.

1. Posted on Reddit by dpkcsgo

They say comedy is just tragedy plus time. Thanks to the Halo, marshals and medical car staff tragedy played no part today. Romain Grosjean was relatively unscathed and only has burns on his hands and ankles. We wish him a speedy recovery.

2. Posted on Reddit by iamaaronmullen

Grosjean’s crash was a horror to watch even with all the safety procedures F1 thankfully uses. A similar amount of fire erupted in the crash and I’m surprised Grosjean isn’t being called the Nomex King.

3. Posted on Reddit by Ikcatcher

We all love a bit of spectacle. However, as one of our writers said during the lengthy red flag period, we could have done with a nice boring race after. Frustrating though that is, it gives our hearts less to worry about.

4. Posted on Reddit by Sheeana407

Another Game of Thrones meme here, this time from the end of the higher quality Season 1.

When placed side by side, it’s obvious Grosjean’s family name is actually Targaryen, who knew?

5. Posted on Reddit by Stiffmeister24

A huge amount of praise is (rightly) being directed at Grosjean for his miraculous self-extrication as what was left of his car erupted in flames.

Neymar on the other hand, seems to love grass.

6. Posted on Reddit by DuaneBlack

Even at the time of writing, it still feels like a miracle, despite the measures in place to ensure driver safety. Almost all of them did their jobs as designed, yet the fact Grosjean walked away still has an element of the unfathomable about it.

7. Posted on Reddit by harkkkirat

What with high degradation, a Racing point going up in smoke and stoppages throughout, the Bahrain Grand Prix seemed to be the anti-heroic version of the Tuscan Grand Prix. 2020’s F1 still seems to have some surprises left after all.

8. Posted on Reddit by Sherlocked_13

We alluded to it earlier, but yes, it all ended in heartbreak for the Silverstone outfit last night in Sakhir. Hopefully the consolation of a fresh engine for the ‘oval’ in a week’s time can inspire Perez to get his rightful podium.

9. Posted on Reddit by ElectronX_Core

Perez has never achieved back to back podiums and Albons sorely needed one which left us wondering, is it too much to ask for both? Alas, Mercedes’ power unit is fallible, just not in a car with black bodywork.

10. Posted on Reddit by Rebel_Scum44

This is the second time in as many races that F1 cars have shared the circuit with recovery vehicles and personnel, raising concerns about trackside operations.

Lando’s shock wasn’t unfounded and the FIA needs to take a look at their procedures before anyone gets injured.

They won’t have long however, with just 4 days before we get back underway for more meme-worthy events when F1 returns for the Sakhir Grand Prix on the fabled outer loop circuit.

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