Top 10 Memes of the Formula 1 2020 Emilia Romagna GP

Imola returns to the F1 calendar following a 14 year absence as Mercedes celebrate a 7th Consecutive Constructor’s Championship.

While they celebrated their outstanding achievement, F1’s fans cultivated a new crop of Emilia Romagna flavoured memes to harvest .

Here’s the 10 best from the post-race meme dumps as F1 packs its bags for Turkey.


I have to admit it did look like a ‘lights to flag and watch the time gaps’ style of race. A mystery tyre issue for Max Verstappen however turned that on its head, with an almost completely different race unfolding after his unfortunate retirement.


An issue for F1 races in the past, with TV Directors being less than impartial when giving exciting battles airtime over their compatriots. This seemed to have gone the way of the dodo but re-appeared without an Italian driver or car in sight.


I’ll be the first to admit Imola’s DRS zone is tricky to place with a lack of previous Grand Prix to use as a reference and no other suitable straight. That being said Mugello and Portimao weren’t exactly missing the type of DRS distance that Imola was, and if we ever return with DRS in effect a tweak of the usable distance is definitely in order.


Given his performance after the Safety Car restart, this could very well be where Albon works next. It’s very bright in the limelight of Verstappen, and while he showed more willingness to race, the Thai driver always seems to come off having caught the sun.


Unfortunately it’s further criticism of Red Bull’s number 2. His chances of staying at a Red Bull owned seat next season are seeming to wilt after an outstanding, if lucky, performance from a man who knows the pressure of Albon’s seat all too well.


Alpha Tauri seems to be catching every break and are showing why their drivers need to be in F1. The torpedo proved himself after the Italian outfit’s point finish hopes seemed to be in jeopardy.


Racing Point pulled a move straight out the same book as their results copying Mercedes 2019 car; A great idea with a lot of potential and execution too poor to capitalise. A tactical blunder causing them to take a huge loss from the safety car as the Silver Arrows used it to build an advantage was a far too ample metaphor for the Silverstone based outfit’s season.


While Grosjean had committed many prior offences before his conspicuous incident, Russell did exactly the same and I imagine will get away with this mistake. As it has come early in his career, this can be seen as one of very few mis-steps for the young driver, one which he will learn from and push him to greater heights.


The counterpoint to the previous meme however, is that Russell moves one race closer to a certain Luca Badoer’s unfortunate record.


Reinforcing the effect of the previous meme but with an even more perfect image to go along with it. (Would it have been too much to ask to flip the direction of the car though?)

Those were the top 10 spicy memes from the Emilia Romagna Grand Prix.

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