Mission Motorsport Race of Remembrance 2020

With the Remembrance weekend less than a month away, Mission Motorsport should be gearing up for their annual endurance race to descend onto the Anglesey Circuit.

Unfortunately, as with many other events this year, that’s not possible. This lead to the difficult decision to cancel the race.

This wasn’t going to stop these incredible people coming up with an alternative strategy. But first, a little backstory:

Who are Mission Motorsport?

Founded in 2012, Mission Motorsport is a charity dedicated to providing continued support to those impacted by military operations and engagements, through motorsport, as well as the wider automotive industry itself.

A key reason for choosing motorsport as the charity’s outlet is that, unlike most other sports, it allows both disabled and able bodied participants to compete on a level playing field.

Vehicles can be adapted, rather than adjusting the sport itself. Since its creation, this charity has been able to secure thousands of jobs for veterans, as well as providing vital rehabilitation for countless more.

As stated previously, a large portion of events are motorsport based, with the premier event being the Race of Remembrance. This event sees 50 teams come together to take part in a 12 hour endurance race around the Anglesey Circuit over the course of the Remembrance Weekend.

This includes the race being paused on Sunday morning, allowing the competitors to come together to remember the fallen.


As we know, the pandemic has made it impossible to hold events on the scale of the Race of Remembrance (RoR) safely. However, that hasn’t stopped both contributors and beneficiaries finding their own ways to rekindle the spirit of the event, which has led to the launch of the #YourRoR campaign.

This has seen a whole host of events be devised by supporters to both commemorate the weekend, and raise some much needed funds.

One such event takes to sim racing, hosting an online race to honour RoR 2020. This will see 16 drivers take to Project Cars 2, to compete in a 6 hour endurance race at the Circuit de la Sarthe in GTE cars.

As per tradition, the racers will come together in the pitlane at half distance to mark the occasion with Mission Motorsports’ livestreamed Remembrance ceremony and a minutes silence, after which, the race will resume to its conclusion.

If you are able to donate, you can do so by visiting this website.


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