Top 10 Memes of the Formula 1 Portuguese GP

24 years have passed since the last F1 chequered flag dropped in Portugal. Back then, the internet was a shadow of what it would become and memes were 15 years from the layered bedrock of internet culture they are now.

The Portuguese Grand Prix returned at the weekend, and so a new race to meme is born.

Settle in for the best 10 memes post-race as Hamilton extends his championship lead!

Initially, I thought this meme was a little harsh, as I quite enjoyed the Portuguese GP, but after some thought. it really did become a Ham-Bot-Ver race and this meme format typifies that perfectly.
Like the meme before it, this was my thoughts entirely, particularly after the teases of precipitation in what’s felt like half of the races (and the laps) this year.
Through no fault of his own, Stroll’s taking the brunt of this meme at his expense, but for the last three races Perez really has carried the team he helped save and it’s a small travesty he hasn’t yet got a seat for 2021.
This meme is unfortunately perfect summing up the ignominy of a 12th place finish for Albon in Portugal after Verstappen beat him by over a lap. I don’t feel he can save his reputation after a performance as poor as that.
This meme moves us into the Mercedes half. They really were class of the field and dominated the meme pages despite the best efforts of everyone else. Bottas clearly was looking to catch Hamilton out, but Mercedes proved they made the correct decision despite risking the ire of the fans for non-competition in the races’ closing stages.
Absolutely excellent Among Us meme given how the game has blown up, and Hamilton actually finding the tyres to be holding up well is equally surprising, but very sus.
It’s almost a meme in itself at this point, with Hamilton seemingly unable to lose the race after ‘having an issue’. Might even start this as my post-lockdown fitness regime, truth be told.
Following on from the previous meme this one tickled me with the same energy as the last, Hamilton could probably have a fly inside his visor for the whole race and still win by 10 seconds with a fastest lap.
As a bona fide Hamilton fan, this meme hits a little too deep especially given his achievements this weekend which are literally unprecedented and a bold new territory for the sport that he continues to push forward.
This final meme isn’t really a meme but a celebration of h the 91 win record has been falling on Hamilton’s quest for World Championship number 7. Hamilton split with his father Anthony’s management in 2010, and times have been tough between them over the years. To see him back with Lewis in 2014 for his second world championship, then all the way to a number of race victories unseen before by the sport at 92 and counting is astonishing, heart-warming but also the mark of exceptional talent and dedication by not just a driver, but everyone in a Mercedes uniform.

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