What We’ve learned from Formula 1 2020 so far

The start of the Formula 1 2020 season has been hectic to say the least. 6 races in 7 weeks with 2 triple-headers. The next race in Spa is not until next weekend, so now seems like a good time to catch a breath and reflect on what has been a very up-and-down season thus far.

Lewis Hamilton Is Still The Man To Beat

Despite the talk and speculation surrounding Red Bull and Valtteri Bottas prior to the season, Lewis Hamilton is firmly on route to match Michael Schumacher’s illustrious tally of 7 titles this year.

It’s a shame to say it so early, on but the driver’s championship is over. The constructor’s is too for that matter. After only 6 races, Hamilton has a whopping 37-point lead over his closest challenger, Max Verstappen, and a 43-point lead over Bottas.

Granted, Mercedes have comfortably had the best car this season, but Hamilton has still had to convert car performance into wins. He has done this effortlessly, with some really dominant victories.

This is arguably the most dominant Mercedes car since 2016, despite the Silver Arrows scoring only one 1-2 finish so far. No one is getting anywhere close to them in qualifying, and largely, the same is true for Sundays.

Instead of being mad at Mercedes though, which I know many fans are; maybe we should be asking questions of Red Bull and Ferrari who, in what is the 7th season of the turbo-hybrid era, are still not on the level of Mercedes.

Considering there have been no massive regulation changes in this period, and both teams’ significant budget, the fact they are both still miles away from delivering a championship winning car is poor.

Of course, it’s a shame we have been deprived of a true championship battle for years now. But I don’t think its right to blame Mercedes for this. Let’s hope the remainder of the calendar provides us with some good races, regardless of how insignificant their baring on the championship may be.

Max Verstappen Is The Real Deal

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